a manifesto

This manifesto builds on the co-production principles of the EcoDA project and describes a critical approach to the use of digital technology across the project.

The intention is for this document to provide a framework for the selection and deployment of digital tools, and an underlying methodology for their use. It is hoped that the document becomes a collective artefact itself and that it will form part of the resources used in nurturing future networks that might emerge beyond the timeframe of the EcoDA project itself.

Rather than being a closed ‘statement of intent’ or procedure, this document is ‘live’ and intended for co-production. As such, it is structured in a modular way that allows each element to be reviewed, revised, re-interpreted and updated as the project develops and changes.

This is ‘a manifesto’, not ‘the manifesto’:

  • The digital tools are a collaborative product, which includes physical and virtual artefacts, and is an outcome of the project processes, rather than a predetermined solution.
  • The digital infrastructure is a network of relations that reflect the dynamics of the project and its participants.
  • All digital content that is created and stored may be ‘take possession of’ by any user or participant at any time – to either propose changes to some aspect (or all) of the project or to use some aspect (or all) the project as a starting point for your own idea. The method and location of all data storage can be clearly described and documented and is, therefore, scalable and repeatable.
  • The means of (co)producing and sharing content does not rely on the provision of services by those outside of the project and the digital infrastructure is not centrally controlled. The methods of (co)producing and sharing can be clearly described and documented and is, therefore, scalable and repeatable.