Open-source Urban Resilience Symposium

The ‘Open-source Urban Resilience Symposium’ is a two-day event part of EcoDA, which will take place in Sheffield, in May 2017.

EcoDA explores ways of initiating an open-source platform for sustaining and scaling urban resilience practices (i.e. practices aimed at ecological and civic regeneration of urban neighbourhoods).

The Symposium aims to open up the initial platform prototype developed during the research project to a wider audience, in Sheffield and beyond. The prototype comprises a series of digital tools co-produced with practitioners in Paris, London and Bucharest.

The event will include discussions with the initial co-producers, addressing key themes that have emerged from the research, the resilience needs on which the digital tools are based and the practitioners’ experience of using the tools.

Moreover, the Symposium will invite the participants to identify ways of co-producing and governing the platform beyond EcoDA.